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Product placement and advertisement

If you want to boost your product on social media why not on the largest VR dedicated YouTube channel with over 5 years of experience in the field.

To create brand awareness in the VR market is a challenge. By marketing your product on a consistent base consumers will get to know your product and remember it when VR will go mainstream.

We only put products in our video´s when it adds something to both of our brands. You can´t by positive reviews of games and experiences. You want to be sure your product is ready for the consumer launch.

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It is possible to hire our team to consult on your game. This can be in the early stage of a game about the sort of game the VR community is waiting for. It is also possible to fly us in during the process of development of the game. We can feedforward on mechanics, gameplay, storyline and much more.

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Marketing strategies

You want to create an impact. But what is the right time to launch the game. What influencers and media to use to reach our audience. We can deliver a roadmap that can help kickstart your game to its full potential.

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Want to learn more about XR in the healthcare space. Then David is the person you want in your company or convention. He has experience in implementing XR in an elder care facility in the Netherlands with over 2800 employees and more then 4600 clients.

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Private demo’s

With Nathie playing over 1000+ VR games and having all the headsets available on the market in the studio we can provide demo’s tailored to the client. During this demo’ we can show the state of VR and what are the best mechanics, storylines etc.

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