Our mission is to show everyone the magic of Virtual Reality by preaching it on YouTube and our other social media platforms.

Since 2014

We’re creating awesome VR content on Youtube since 2014. Nathievr has won multiple awards including the Guinnes World Record of most subscribed VR dedicated Youtube channel.

About Nathie

Head of the company is Nathaniel de Jong also known as Nathie. He went to film school where he learned the necessary skills to create his immersive YouTube video’s.

About David

David is the business manager of Nathie but is also a huge advocate of VR for good. He has a masters in digital innovation in Social Work and Healthcare. He uses VR to advise an elder care company.

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Nathaniel de Jong

Nathaniel de Jong

CEO, Nathie Media

I make Virtual Reality a Reality.

David de Jong

David de Jong

CEO 2, Nathie Media

Interested in VR, Healthcare and more.


People Say

Many people have become convinced of the opportunities VR brings to them. Take a look at what some of them have to say!

I have an Occulus Quest at home, but due to the footage on the web on the more high-end VR devices, I wanted to try something else. Luckily, I could try out literally every device currently on the Virtual Reality market. Even got my hands on the Valve Index. Thanks!

Simona Olav

Virtual Reality Enthusiast

Hearing more and more about the applications of technologies such as VR, I was requested to investigate the viability of Virtual Reality for our local hospital. With the expertise the team at Nathie Media provided to us, we could make a significantly more effective decision. Very helpful and friendly company.

Diego Indra


As I am a great proponent of incorporating new technologies in the classroom, I visited Nathie Media in order to find out how to make Virtual Reality effective in my classroom. Surprisingly, VR helped us make topics such as basic arithmetic and spelling more intuitive to children. This, I find amazing to see.

Jolana Kelila

Primary School Teacher

At Small Business, Inc., we believe in progress by means of staying ahead of the rest. As such, we decided relatively early on that Virtual Reality should receive a more prominent role in our company. With the help of Nathie Media, we succesfully made the transition to smart offices. Up until now, we have been very satisfied with the results!

Michael Sebastian

CEO of Small Business, Inc.

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